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Velcome to my holiday of hysteria.

Challenge for the Media: Find ONE CASE of Child Predation by a Registered Sex Offender on Halloween

Sometimes eybiykazyf you gotta think outside the trick or treat bag. So kudos to the National Reform Sex Offenders Laws organization for tackling the persistent, unfounded myth that sex offenders lure trick or treaters to their doom on Halloween. To help America move beyond this zombie-like fear that refuses to die, the organization is challenging the media […]

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Does this Halloween standard make you hungry...or scared?

Halloween is When We Test-Market New Fears

Reprinted by popular demand (popular in my apartment, anyway) comes this piece of mine about Halloween. Just as I believe that all sorts of new educational products, courses and mandates migrate from the world of special needs (what is Gymboree but early intervention?), new fears migrate from Halloween to the rest of the year: Fears […]

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