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Shall we send these folks to prison?

From Consensual Teen Sex to Solitary Confinement. Plus: An Explanation of the “Peter-Meter”

. This week’s New Yorker contains possibly the most devastating article I’ve ever read: Sarah Stillman‘s, “The List,” subtitled, “When juveniles are found guilty of sexual misconduct, the sex-offender registry can be a life sentence.” Stillman calmly details just how shocking and sadistic our sex offender laws are, from arresting tweens who played doctor, to […]

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The kids are so wild they are shouting and stealing.

My Neighbors’ Kids are TOO Free-Range

. An honest letter about  a real problem: Kids given lots of freedom but, it seems, no behavior boundaries. Or boundary boundaries, for that matter: Hello nafkyrfrei Lenore. I’m a firm Free-Range mom, though to be honest I don’t give my children the freedom I’d like to, though not for fear of the boogey man, […]

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