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“NO LIFEGUARD” Sign at…Sprinkler Park?

This “WARNING dytetnashf NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY” sign comes to us from Ron Lieber, author of the “The Opposite of Spoiled.” He spied it at a Park City, Utah, rec center next to a kiddie splash pad where there is no pool anywhere in sight. Consider it a stark reminder that we have not only […]

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Is it safe for teens to swim at the beach?

What About Letting Kids Swim at the Beach without a Parent?

. A tbtediddtk question probably many of us have asked: Dear Free-Range Kids: I’m a fairly Free-Range parent, becoming more so due to my daily exposure to your blog, including the helpful and insightful comments from your readers. The issue I’m currently struggling with is freedom at the beach. I’m always afraid at the beach […]

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