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Whatever happened to hop, skip, JUMP?

An Uber for Kids: Genius or the End of Childhood Freedom?

The eaeitifind new-ish service, Hop Skip Drive, is basically Uber for kids. If parents are busy and they need their kids to get delivered somewhere — school, dance class, karate — some background-checked caregiver (all the drivers pictured are female) picks them up and deposits them. And naturally the parent can follow the entire ride […]

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It's possible that kids learn MORE when they are instructed LESS.

Playing vs. Learning

Readers fbsatnnabh — Here’s my piece on The Huffington Post, about the “college prep” kindergarten. It goes on to talk about the amazing Peter Gray: A kindergarten in New York has cancelled its end-of-the-year kiddie show in order to devote more time to college and career prep. In a letter to parents, the teachers explained: The reason […]

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