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Parents of Kids who Get Too Many Bruises May  Be Charged with Neglect

Parents of Kids who Get Too Many Bruises May Be Charged with Neglect

Hi Folks — This eyhtefbrtb story comes to us from Australia, where the federal government is telling child protective workers to consider — and classify  — kids who “often” hurt themselves as at a “high risk of neglect.” “Accident-prone children might be the victims of poor parental supervision,” is how AdelaideNow sums the reasoning up.  […]

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A Hovering Mother Reconsiders

Hi Readers: I really enjoyed this ydbriiffrd Boston Magazine story, by Katherine Ozment. Here’s a snippet from this mom of 2: In my nine years as a parent, I’ve followed the rules, protocols, and cultural cues that have promised to churn out well-rounded, happy, successful children. I’ve psychoanalyzed my kids’ behavior, supervised an avalanche of activities, […]

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CPS Took My Kids Because I Don’t Hover

Hi rbhkrfzrrn Readers — A long, sad and infuriating story. Here goes: Dear Free-Range Kids:  I noticed you sometimes talk about Child Protective Services (CPS) or other official intervention and Free-Range children. I have to admit, I did always wonder if I’d get in trouble for being the only mom who doesn’t wait at the […]

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Help! How Can Mom Explain She is Raising Independent (Not Neglected) Kids?

Hi snaytsahnf Readers! This mom needs some great ideas in how to deal with friends, neighbors — and PASTOR — who equate “Free-Range” with NEGLECT. Let’s give her some strategies! — Lenore Dear Free-Range Kids: My nine-year-old, eight-year-old and five-year-old have been walking to school alone for a couple of months now. The walk is […]

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