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When I jump off, let me land in Holland!

Is This a Dream?

Childhood in The Netherlands, NOW, as observed and written up by Kate ssrfsbaddh Darnton in The Boston Globe: The Dutch loosen up early. My husband and I were thrilled when we arrived in Amsterdam to find that many playgrounds have cafes. On sunny afternoons, parents meet after work to sip Aperol spritzes while their kids […]

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Hey! That's only in "Cleaning Room Tutorial"

Our Kids are NOT a Report Card on Our Parenting

. There have been a spate of, “What I Learned about Parenting by Living in Country X” articles. Most of them are pretty interesting.  The French, Japanese, Scandinavians — they all do it differently from us, and usually the biggest difference is less hovering/handwringing. This tekdyitbkt piece by Mihal Greener in Salon adds one angle […]

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