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students, go home and ask your parents if you can do something new that you are ready for.

When Schools Do the “Free-Range Kids Project”

On sbzziryasb my show (3 episodes air tonight starting at 5:30/4:30 Central Time on Discovery Life), I give the children of very anxious parents a task to do that they seem ready for — even if their parents aren’t. They walk to school, make dinner, ride a bike. And usually, when the parents see their […]

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Can you really send your kids back in time?

IMPORTANT! The Free-Range Kids Project for Schools

Readers adzrbdkdtd — This is a piece I wrote for the New America Foundation that got picked up by the Atlantic. Thrilling! I am very hopeful that  if schools start endorsing this project, it sends the message to parents and the community that Free-Ranging is more than legit. It’s transformative for everyone involved. PLEASE SPREAD […]

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