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They may get diabetes but they sure are safe from running and bouncing!

Fair, Fat and Four

Like the sign says, “Play to have Fun” kids! Just make sure to take frequent breaks so you don’t get too tuckered out from all that non-running. And leave yourself plenty of time for snacks: playground byybafzbny rules And — hmm: They may get diabetes, but they sure are safe from running and bouncing! .

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Let the caution commence!

Have Fun, Kids! Just a Few Rules, First…

One zeitbedkse of you sent in a photo from a park you recently visited that sure sounds fun safe! In case the picture is too small to read, here are some of the rules: For your enjoyment, please obey the following rules or you may cause injury to yourself or others. *ADULT SUPERVISION IS REQUIRED AT […]

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We certainly wouldn't want kids gathering to PLAY, would we?

Schoolyard Off Limits to Kids?

Readers zeaaizbyab — My guess is what we have here is a terrible insurance regulation or some such. This is from Ontario, Canada: Dear Free Range Kids: My kids, grade 1 and 4, are among the few at our suburban school who actually walk to school. We have several playgrounds in our neighbourhood, and with […]

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