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Guess what happens when your kid bike to school? (No, you do not get a professional makeover.)

What Happened When I Asked My Kids to Bike to School

. Michelle rkezfkyfzk Millet lives in Davis, CA with her husband, two kids and…some bikes: Riding to School All On Their Own by Michelle Millet In August, with my daughter entering sixth grade and my son entering third, I decided this would be the year my kids started to make the 2-mile bike ride from […]

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A 10-year-old delivery boy from another era.

My 10-y.o. Wants to Walk to School, But…

Dear btknenftir Free-Range Kids: I am a professional woman who became a stay at home mother to a 10-year-old boy. I would describe him as very bright, highly energetic and reasonable. Here is my dilemma: We live in a city of about 50,000 in North NJ.  He has recently made it very clear that he wants […]

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