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Safety is the word that brooks no challenge. s.

Using “That’s Not Safe!” to Control Others

This hnthyaikfi post originally appeared as a comment from Donald Christensen, an Australian dad interested in psychology and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). He explains this subject through his OnMySoapBoxx blog with simple, clever analogies and pictures. I’ve learned so much from him! Here’s his take (punctuated the Aussie way) on why we’re hearing the word […]

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Danny and the Dinosaur and the Personal Injury Lawyer

. When it comes to kids and 23-metric ton apatosauruses, we’ve learned you just can’t be TOO careful. But at the time Syd Hoff’s Danny rrdteatzey and the Dinosaur was published back in 1958, nobody even considered the terrible example it was setting for our most vulnerable populations — sauropods and impressionable children  — by […]

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