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What are KIDS doing here??? (Photo from Camp Walden website)

School Cancels Camping Trip Because It Involves Camping Activities

Readers rzrdzhezks — Let this not be the future of fun (from The Toronto Star): Staff and Grade 8 students at an inner-city Toronto school were looking forward to the three-day graduation trip to an idyllic nature camp in Eastern Ontario — until they were informed they couldn’t canoe, kayak or try archery. And swimming, […]

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We certainly wouldn't want kids gathering to PLAY, would we?

Schoolyard Off Limits to Kids?

Readers zeaaizbyab — My guess is what we have here is a terrible insurance regulation or some such. This is from Ontario, Canada: Dear Free Range Kids: My kids, grade 1 and 4, are among the few at our suburban school who actually walk to school. We have several playgrounds in our neighbourhood, and with […]

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