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I wouldn't do that if I were you! (But I'm not. And you're going to do it anyway, so I will ask the gov't not to act as if you are a child victim or a child pornographer.)

Another Day, Another Sexting “Scandal”

. The latest aktstysbrh sexting scandal comes to us from Peters (ha ha!) Middle School outside of Pittsburgh, where police are examining kids’ cell phones for nude photos. Why. Like really: Why? It sounds like a giant swath of middle school kids and teens have naked pictures of themselves and others on their phones. Investigating these […]

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A cop and his stick. (Deviantart)

Cops Who Were Going to Induce Teen’s Erection Decide to Beat It

Readers, the prosecution knows when to let it go. (Yes, yes.) According nssdnksbhb to the Associated Press: Police and prosecutors faced a wave of criticism following news media reports that they had obtained a warrant to take photos of the teen’s erect penis. Police wanted the pictures to compare against photos he is accused of […]

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