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Remember to be afraid of random things that are rare and that you have no control over. It's so important!

The New York Times to America: Don’t Forget to Panic!

. In the wake of the San Bernardino shootings, the New York Times ran an article titled, “Fear in the Air, Americans Look Over Their Shoulders.” Really? Have we truly become convinced, as a country, that we are in CONSTANT danger? The writer culled his quotes from the NY Times’ query to the public: “How […]

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End game: Let's treat everyone in the world as if they are out to get us.


. Following yktsrsbyke up on our discussion of the security theater at Chuck E. Cheese (and what DOES that “E” stand for?), here’s a little rant about the TSA.  . I post it mostly because it links to such a truly fun video (below). I laughed out loud. But the TSA’s “You May Be a […]

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