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Just think! We wouldn't even HAVE our daughter if my parents had done this with me.

Stop Your Kid From Making Out — Remotely

. This Buick ad is airing on the Olympics. It’s about a tracker for kids old enough to drive (the Buick). It shows a mom and dad realizing that their at-least-16-year-old daughter has parked on Lover’s Lane. Yikes! As the Taliban would say: Let us stop this whoring spawn of Satan! But, being Americans, they […]

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It's like having mommy next to you all night long, and all day long, and all week long...

Again with the Fever Thingy?

. This video for Fever snkfyeienf Scout, one of several new temperature trackers, is right: When your kid is sick, you do feel bad. But the idea that “dragging things across their forehead” — i.e., using a non-invasive, swipe the forehead thermometer — is insanely cruel, and that doing this at night can feel like […]

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Thanks to technology, His role has been outsourced to us!

Does a GPS Device Give Kids Freedom?

From nhznntzihs my inbox: Hey Lenore!  I came across a product the other day in my Facebook feed and I was curious about your opinion and your readers’. It’s basically a wearable GPS device for tracking your kids.  My first impression was a big eye roll. But then we had a situation this weekend that […]

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