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ABC’s Nightline Revisits Free-Range Kids

Nightline sums up the whole Free-Range Kids idea pretty darn nicely, I’d say, as do the Meitivs. Let me know what you think of the shrink! I feel like she’s almost from the bygone era of 2014, before America woke up from its media-induced nightmare. World beazdakatz News Videos | ABC World News

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Lions and tigers and bears are nothing compared to predators, plastic and disappointing playdates!

The Wizard of Oz: Honorary Free-Ranger

Readers ksazazkhki — One of you just sent in this remarkable excerpt from “The Emerald City of Oz,” one of 13 “Wizard of Oz” sequels L. Frank Baum  churned out. Interestingly, Baum’s Wikipedia bio says that, “His works anticipated such century-later commonplaces as television, augmented reality, laptop computers…and the ubiquity of advertising on clothing.”  Looks like he also anticipated “worst-first […]

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"What If?"-ing Seniors the Way We "What If?!?" Kids

“What If?”-ing Seniors the Way We “What If?!?” Kids

Hi Folks! Here’s an excerpt from an ddzhfdynkt essay in The Houston Chronicle by 90 year old Leon Hale. He is pondering a personal “test” — driving his pick up around the downtown loop — to make sure he’s still in fine fettle. He feels good, his eyes are good, his writing is great so […]

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HELP NEEDED: How to Calm a Parent Who Fears Danger AND Blame?

Hi Readers! Here’s my situation: When I speak with parents who feel they really have to watch their kids ALL the time, often it’s not just because they fear  that otherwise “something terrible” could happen. It’s also  because they fear that IF something does, THEY will be blamed. So even if parents are pretty sure their […]

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“Anything Could Happen!”

Hi ykksiytrft Readers! To get the blood flowing this Monday morn: Dear Free-Range Kids: I got a random issue of a parenting magazine in the mail. I don’t subscribe, but I guess it’s a teaser issue to try to drag me in.  There’s a Q&A feature in which a mother asked if it was okay […]

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It’s Pornographer Barbie!

Hi Readers — Thanks to all of you who sent in the wackiest “What If?” worry of the weekend: News reports that the new Video Barbie — a Barbie with a built-in video camera — “could” be used by child pornographers.  The key word for us rffktikfek is “could.” The key words for the media? “Barbie,” […]

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A Surprising Trampoline Tumble

Hi nekzradadn Readers: From today’s mailbox, an intriguing little piece. – L. . Dear Free-Range Kids: I have two boys — 6 and 8 — and am learning about letting go. Can I talk about a “What If?”  a little in reverse? . I took the stupid netting off my kids trampoline because I thought […]

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Needed: Your Encounters with “What If?” Thinking

Hi Readers — One of the biggest frustrations in Free-Ranging is dealing with other people’s “What If?” fears. Why? Because they can never be answered! If a parent starts worrying about, “What if X, Y or Z happens while my child is doing…” rzfniraery anything, there is no way to say, “Don’t worry, it won’t.” Because, […]

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