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Teen on School Trip to China Falls Asleep on Tour Bus, Wakes Up in Dark, Alone, without a Phone

If you want to get straight to the story over at Let Grow, click here. It comes to us from Phyllis Fagell, author of “Middle School Matters,” and it’s about her son who, a few years ago, found himself in a very confusing place (literally, figuratively) in China.

The fact that he had to figure out what to do in a foreign country, in the dark, not knowing the language, or where he was supposed to be, and NOT HAVING A PHONE is a testament not just to the kid’s moxie (and perhaps his parents’ parenting?). It is also a bracing reminder that until very recently we trusted EVERYONE to make their way without a phone.

It’s sort of like once you have cars, it’s hard to remember that at one point, everyone got around by foot — theirs, or a horse’s, a camel’s, whatever. Not that we want to go back to horse-and-buggy days, but that we quickly forget our own amazing fortitude, stamina and competence.

With parents and other help being so easily summoned now, I do worry about kids losing the chance to prove to themselves AND TO US how much they can handle. So read the story of this young man, and please comment here if you can remember a time you got out of a jam WITHOUT ADULT ASSISTANCE.

Love to hear your story!


(That’s “Thanks so much” in Chinese — for which I thank Google) –L

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