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The Key to Future-Proofing Our Kids

To “future-proof” is to design a piece of software, or a subway, or almost anything else expensive and important, with an eye toward the future. You try to build in flexibility for whatever is coming ahead. For instance, when I was a kid, my grandfather still had a giant radio console with an empty square in it: That’s where the TV would go…if they ever invented TV.

With the world leaping and tumbling ahead, wouldn’t it be great if we could future-proof our kids? Especially if we did it better than my grandfather’s radio thing?

That’s what I discuss over at Let Grow today: How to raise kids ready to “pivot” and prove themselves, whether facing a totally new job market, technological advance — or virus.

Hint: A lot of it has to do with letting them figure out more for themselves, so they know how to do that when the time comes. Take a look by clicking here.

And see you in the future!


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