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The Strange Reason I am a Happy, Well-Adjusted High School Student

A high school student wrote a note to his 7th grade teacher who had made him do something he is now extremely grateful for.

She made him get out of his comfort zone, again and again — 20 times — by doing The Let Grow Project. That is, 20 times in a single year she made every student in her class go home and do something new, on their own, without their parents. The idea was to get kids (and their parents) used to independence, including the confusion and risk involved in doing some everyday activities without constant adult assistance or supervision.

Go over to Let Grow to read the letter he wrote to her explaining, “I have been a lot happier in general than I used to be when I think things like depression and anxiety were still hovering over my head.”

Some day — and I hope it’s soon — independence will be prescribed as FREE therapy for worried, anxious kids. Right now, I am just happy to have a letter like this making the case, joyously, for us.


Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

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