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Webinar I’m Hosting This Wednesday: “Parenting Doesn’t Have to Drive You Crazy!”

Join me, Lenore, as I host a webinar chat featuring Jonathan “Coddling of the American Mind” Haidt interviewing psychiatrist Samantha Boardman. She’s author of the new book (that literally tweaked my life), “Everyday Vitality.

They’ll be chatting about how parenting became so fraught, and how we can all fight a culture insisting parents watch and micromanage everything their kids do, lest they fall behind or get hurt. One title we considered for the talk was “Gaze not at your navel!” But the one we (wisely) decided on was, “Parenting Doesn’t have to Drive Your — or Your Kids — Crazy: How to turn parenting stress into strength.”

DATE: Weds., Jan 19


PRICE: Free!


The event will be recorded, but to get that recording forwarded to you, please register for the event as if you’ll be attending. See you soon! — Lenore


Photo from Unsplash by Alexander Krivitskiy 

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