dax at microphone

Why Dax Shepard Refuses to High-Five His Kids’ Every Accomplishment (and Other Parenting Practices He Recommends)

Not that 2020 has that many highlights, but doing Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast was one of them for me. What a smart, funny, thoughtful guy — an anthropology major! (Which explains why he brought up hunter/gatherers.)

Over at Let Grow we boiled down his parenting practices, including my favorite: His refusal to pretend to be fascinated by every little thing his daughters do, because he doesn’t want to give them unrealistic dating expectations: “There’s no dude out there that’s ever going to stare at them knitting and be thrilled.”

You can read the rest of Dax’ words of wisdom by clicking here for the Let Grow synopsis, or here to listen to the podcast itself.

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