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unsplash children playing with big red ball

Is Less Play Time Leading to Less Reading?

Check out the note from a college professor wondering if the decline in free play has led to a decline in language skills and hence a decline in reading. And then click here to join the discussion! (Because you CAN read! And you CAN express yourselves!)   Photo from Unsplash by @cirala_sky .

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butts county sex offender halloween sign

Sheriff Can’t Put “No Trick or Treating Here!” Signs on Lawns of Those on Sex Offense Registry, says Judge

Three people on the sex offense registry in Georgia sued the Butts County Sheriff’s Office for placing “NO TRICK-OR-TREAT AT THIS ADDRESS!!” signs on their lawns. This was not only trespassing, said the plaintiffs, the signs themselves amounted to compelled speech. Yesterday, just in time for Halloween, federal Judge Marc T. Treadwell ruled in favor […]

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Photo of halloween pumpkins with burning mouths, candles on empty black background in studio

This Halloween, Fight Fears with Facts!

You’ll find four fear-fighting Halloween facts by clicking here and magically being transported to Let Grow! Mwah hah hah hah ha!  [It is hard to phonetically convey mock-evil laughter. But we do try.]

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