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It’s STILL Independence Day in Eight States!

Independence Day is every day for families in eight states, including four — Virginia, Connecticut, Illinois, and Montana — that passed a “Reasonable Childhood Independence” bill this year. “I’m really excited,” said Evelyn Hackel, a naval architect and mother of Elsa Hackel, age 12. She should be! When Elsa was 9 and walking home from […]

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Show The Nice Man Your Resume, Mason: When Parents Tag Along on Job Interviews

A recent front page article in the Wall Street Journal chronicles a problem that seems to be a sign of the times: Parents accompanying their kids on job interviews. And calling their kids’ bosses to demand better treatment. And showing up at their kids’ jobs to fight their battles. These stories can seem apocryphal, but The Journal’s Te-Ping […]

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This Summer Job Description is Driving Me Nuts

This certainly not the biggest problem facing America. But on a summer-jobs-for-young-people site (giving parents ideas to give to their kids) one suggestion was to have kids run a “Neighborhood Park Hour.” One hour, mind you.  The site explained that kids can make a flyer “and get parents interested in paying for ‘Park Hour’.” So […]

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1983 Video Clip of Kids on Bikes: Real Life “Stranger Things”

In 1983, childhood was so different, it’s almost hard to fathom. As you’ll see in this giddy vintage video, kids were zooming around playing BIKE TAG without adult supervision (or helmets). Endless nostalgia, however, doesn’t help our cause. I share this with you to simply remind us of what our young are capable of: Bravery, […]

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Why a Mom Changed Her Mind About Letting Her Sons Climb a Tree

How I appreciate this story from Olivia Eaddy, a Pennsylvania mom I met when we did a parenting panel together. A few days later, she dropped me a note: Dear Lenore: True life moment. So yesterday, while gardening, my 6-year-old Aaron came out to help me. After a few minutes of helping he says, “Mom, […]

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Me, on CNN (Thanks to My Sister)

My sister was watching Michael Smerconish on CNN a few weeks ago. He was interviewing an expert on how social media is wallopping kids’ mental health, and my sister, Hannah, was incensed on my behalf: “They didn’t even talk about overprotection, or kids being in adult-run activities all the time, or how it feels to […]

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In Which Peter Gray Lays it All Out: Keeping Kids Super “Safe” Is Seriously Harming Them

On Monday, New York’s favorite radio host, WNYC’s Brian Lehrer, interviewed Let Grow Co-founder Peter Gray. Listen here and you will probably cheer every single word. Lehrer invited Gray on to discuss his piece in The Journal of Pediatrics: Decline in Independent Activity as a Cause of Decline in Children’s Mental Wellbeing. It describes how kids’ free time […]

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