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DALL·E 2023-05-04 11.02.22 - a zombie who is a child staring at a computer screen that has a cartoon on it

Worried Your Child is Already a Screen Addict? There’s Hope!!!

“How many of you have closed your email and then immediately reopened it because you might have just gotten an email?” Laughter rippled through the audience members — including me — as we listened to Emily Cherkin give a talk at The Brearley School in Manhattan about tech and kids and us: parents, students, educators, […]

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This is Me, My Life’s Work, and a Boy Driving a Truck

The Let Grow Project is so simple it’s almost laughable. Almost. But its impact is so profound, it changes the lives of most people who try it. Which people? Students. Parents, Teachers. Counselors. Even the producer of the 7-minute film below, Justin Toops. It features kids doing remarkable — and not remarkable — things, once set a bit free. […]

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DALL·E 2023-04-25 10.30.01 - An iPhone with a face that is sneering

Tips for Going Screen-Free (Ironically, Provided By This Screen)

Try not to start shaking. May 1-7 is SCREEN-FREE WEEK! I caught up with Jen Kane, Screen-Free week’s coordinator. Jen spent the first half of her career in tech, and still sees its promise, not just its peril: Our interview has been edited for length and clarity. I Screen, You Screen, We All Screen. LS: […]

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Preschooler’s Prank Leads to Day Care Employees’ Trial

Just in case you thought you were living someplace sane, I am here to report that two Colorado child care workers will go on trial this June for presiding over a day care center where a 5-year-old pulled down a 3-year-old’s pants. Twice. Amy Lovato and Roberta Rodriguez of The Schoolhouse day care center in […]

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Children in Virginia can now play outside without their parents getting investigated for neglect. Imagine that! (Connecticut readers — see bottom for action you can take TODAY.) Sunday night, Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed what is colloquially called the “Reasonable Childhood Independence” bill — and was formerly known as the Free-Range Parenting bill. It passed both […]

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