Am I Crazy to Let My 5th Grader Walk to School?

A mom is getting pushback on letting her kid walk to school, even though next year, in middle school, the girl will have to get herself all the way across town! Join the grumbling at Let Grow!

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One Response to Am I Crazy to Let My 5th Grader Walk to School?

  1. Mark August 13, 2018 at 12:44 pm #

    In my home town, we all were EXPECTED to walk to school, or bus stops, without adults. And all did, so far as I recall–at least from 2nd grade on when I began there. Including in the winter, icy streets, curbs; in the dark during split sessions, storms.

    There was also a 9:30pm curfew for us to abide: meaning it was expected kids could be out without adults until then.

    My mother taught there and saw no changes up to when she retired in 1989.

    We did so much on our own well before 5th grade — with our loving, devoted parents plenty focused on our development, productively maturing. Including being SAFER from becoming more resilient, less dependent.