As Tween Anxiety Spikes, a Hard Look at the Lack of Play

Author Phyllis Fagell is in the thick of this tragic issue as a middle school counselor. She says one reason kids are so distraught is the lack of free time and free play. Join the discussion at Let Grow.

One Response to As Tween Anxiety Spikes, a Hard Look at the Lack of Play

  1. OLD SCHOOL MOM March 31, 2019 at 12:53 pm #

    I’ll tell you where the child anxiety comes from: THE PARENTS, or LACK of PARENTING.. Yep, how often do you see the, “mom” glued to her phone when the kids run amock at the store, or are climbing out of the shopping carts, or texting while driving her child who is sitting in the front seat, or the parent who connects with their social media/cell phone more than their child.. shall I go on?

    Kids are smart sponges. THEY SEE and OBSERVE everything around them. Think they are anxious when mom/dad do not have eyes on the road? Eyes on them, ignoring them because the phone is more important? What is the message to the child? Where are the safe zones for kids? Shooting drills in school? Certainly not a safe zone either. Where are the safe boundaries of yesterday.. GONE I tell you… gone.

    The fear factor in the media does not help either. Everyone is on hyper info overload. Kids are exposed TOO EARLY TO ADULT THEMES!!!! What the [email protected] is going on? I want to personally thank Bill Gates, Zuckerberg and Jobs for permanently screwing up our society, and our kids.