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Greatest Ad Ever (For Milk)?

Friends, please szssdrbatt
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to see the one-minute ad that will make you cheer. It’s from Norway but doesn’t need any translation. Join the conversation!

One Response to Greatest Ad Ever (For Milk)?

  1. Poppy November 23, 2017 at 12:55 am #

    That’s my Dutch 80’s childhood right there. And most Dutch kids still are allowed to play outdoors unsupervised like this. And they als cycle to school, friends, sports clubs etc. unsupervised (and with no helmets, unlike that Norwegian boy) from age 8 or so and up. Kids fall, they bump their heads, they scrape their knees, they get a ball in the face.They learn from it, and they get on with things. If they are really hurt, which of course can happen, they know where their parents are. But they need to be left alone to play and learn what their limits are while doing so. No need to hover over them constantly.

    Btw, don’t US playgrounds have merry-go-rounds? I saw a comment on the clip about that.