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Lady Calls Cops to Complain, “Kids are Playing at The Park and –“

See the police blotter below, for the rest of the lady’s complaint. It was sent to us by Jim Epstein, a video producer at Reason. In fact, Jim made this Halloween video with me a few years back.

And, heck, he also made this video of  two very, very anxious parents in Queens who finally let their kids, 10 and 12, walk to the store on their own, once I paid them a calming (“YOU HAVE TO LET THEM GO!!!!!”) visit (“I’LL STAY WITH YOU AND IT’LL BE GREAT!”).

Actually, it WAS great and afterward, the parents started letting their kids walk to school on their own — and even play at the park. Which brings us to THIS — the police blotter item  below. It was sent to Jim by his mother-in-law in Cleveland (yay, MIL!). And it will give you faith in mankind again … after you first may lose it.

3 Responses to Lady Calls Cops to Complain, “Kids are Playing at The Park and –“

  1. James Bordonaro March 29, 2022 at 4:28 pm #

    Nice of the officer to donate a basketball but why should he have been dispatched in the first place?! It seems to me that the caller should have faced at least a reprimand for tying up the 911 phone line.

  2. Ms TR March 30, 2022 at 2:58 am #

    It enrages me to see and hear of people who make these false child protective agency or police calls not recognizing,caring or even thinking of the consequences of children being illegally removed from their home or parents custody due to false allegations,accusations,hearsay,rumors,gossip,or speculation…These poor Children are then placed in Foster Homes where they are physically, emotionally,or sexually abused or neglected. Lives are being ruined over this and I hope freerangekids writes more about this matter as I lived/etc this horror as a child etc…

  3. Tonrobinson March 30, 2022 at 3:02 am #

    There has to be charges filed and civil lawsuits done on those abusing the 911 or child abuse hotline number. People are losing their family, livelihood, reputation,and careers over these false calls and literally losing their lives…There are so many families living in fear of child protection agency corruption and false allegations.