Predator Panic: Crossing Guard Accused of Being a Creep Because He High-Fives Kids

Once you’ve become convinced all children are menaced by all adults, the “proof” is all around you. Even at the crosswalk. Join the conversation at tnfskyreye


3 Responses to Predator Panic: Crossing Guard Accused of Being a Creep Because He High-Fives Kids

  1. Chris Bewley February 19, 2018 at 9:01 pm #

    Truly pathetic story,,, shame on those responsible for him stepping down, off the curb.

  2. John Kane February 19, 2018 at 9:08 pm #

    Where did this fear we can see in America come from? I don’t know but I know some steps along the way. As I understand, Congress was divided by party in 2000 just as it is now, but they could agree on a concern about trafficked women. Pres. Bush spent 127 million that year to fund courses taught by his friends the faith based organizations. Those courses were “awareness” campaigns to teach people to teach more people in a cascading affect to recognise victims of traffickers who were thought to be everywhere. Money continues to pour into awareness campaigns and now even in other countries. There is a big billboard in Pattaya Thailand (probably one of many around the world) that only says Stop Child Pornography. Both the seal of the FBI and the DHS are on it too and, so, my guess is that American tax payers probably paid for it. There are ten government agencies with a role in stopping trafficking yet, in a world where people out number jobs, people are willing to pay dearly to cross a border to chase after any opportunity. Sex trafficking and sex work are migration issues. But, like the Vietnam War, the US government can’t change course and just stop their self assigned mission to rescue victims and prosecute evil men. It is more clear every day that this is, first, not a simple criminal justice issue. And, second, it should not be the role of the US government to force American sex culture down the throats of everyone else in the world.

    Since the turn of the century we have been taught to be afraid BY our government. When I was with the US government I learned that when a Chinese fire drill breaks out you had damned well better start running too or you will not be considered a team player. Like a sci-fi movie, the future is here and we are all supposed to be afraid and maybe we had better get on the bandwagon too – or fight! But what can I possibly know after 20 years with the State Dept and now a student of demography. Keep up that fight to challenge the fears of others.

  3. Tuni February 23, 2018 at 5:54 pm #

    Thanks, used to hate being reminded of that every year. Even the Double team didn’t beat them.