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Let's hear it for the Mounties!

A Missing Kid and the Benefit of the Doubt

. This is how it’s SUPPOSED to work: Dear hfsbsidfsr Free-Range Kids: I feel very fortunate that we live  in Northern Alberta, Canada, where the kids play outside all day, all year! Last summer, we had the biggest scare of our lives.  It was the last day of school and I was resting in my […]

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Oh god. More kids we have to babysit.

Are Kids in Public a “Babysitting” Burden for the Rest of Us?

  . The signs at every playground in my city, New York, say this: snbdeezhza “Playground rules prohibit adults except in the company of children.” Apparently, any adult who simply wants to sit on a bench and watch kids play could be a creep, so just ban ’em all. The idea that children and adults […]

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Come out with your non-hands up!

Lego Store Detains Boy, 11, for Being Too Young To Shop Alone

A ntieddkfek boy of 11 was detained in a Lego store for being “too young” to shop on his own. This note to the store comes to us from his father, Doug Dunlop, who describes himself as an outdoor dad in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have edited this down a little, but here’s what he […]

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