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At last! An easy way to get used to sending your kids outside!

This is It! A Concrete Plan for Parents who Want to Start Free-Ranging!

This is an ihkadrzrnk amazing new tool — simple, clear, interactive — from Outsideplay.ca (Canada) that helps parents see the importance of giving their kids free, unsupervised time AND make a concrete plan to bring that about! As the University of British Columbia’s Medical School press office explains: Developed by a team led by Marian […]

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You're going to walk across campus without a virtual bodyguard? Mwa ha ha ha! GREAT!

An App That Lets Friends “Virtually” Walk You Home

.“ A new app lets folks walking home alert their friends and family until someone among them agrees to “virtually” walk the app-activator home. Somehow this is supposed to make the walker feel safer, because if they drop their phone, or start running from a bee, or veer off course because they smell french fries, […]

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Introducing the 1.0 Version of the Free-Range Kids App

A Free-Range Kids app? Yes!!! Thanks to Tanya Ruttenberg at Blue fanifyfhsk Door Apps. Amazing as it is, this is version 1.0, so please let us know any bugs you encounter or great ideas you’d like to see. Blue Door found ME and I’m so glad, because they were a pleasure to work with. Fast! Smart! […]

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