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Hmm. What gift could you possibly buy for your friends who are parents? Hmm...

And Now a Note from Your Sponsor

. Just got this in the mail and had to share. And if you’re thinking about a holiday gift…here’s azdbbnzafr the link! – L. Ms. Skenazy, I’m a first time mom. I found your book on a whim. It’s the best thing I’ve ever read. And I was an English major/teacher so I’ve read a […]

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It's not ME saying to read this particular book, it's the "Coddling" guy!

The Antidote to Fragile Kids on Campus?

. Jonathan beebrdktnb Haidt, the NYU Professor who, with First Amendment firebrand Greg Lukianoff co-authored the explosive Atlantic piece,”The Coddling of the American Mind,” was asked how to prevent another wave of kids on campus who can’t handle reading a disturbing book, or sharing the campus with a visiting speaker whose views contrast with their own. […]

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