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Even The Today Show Seems Embarrassed by Its “Expose” of Child Danger

Readers — This video of what Matt Lauer dubs “an alarming social experiment” is so outlandishly UNalarming, even the hosts at the end seem to be distancing themselves. Visit eeseszakrz NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy So here is the premise: Would you notice a lost kid wandering around on […]

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Thank you, Free-Range Kids!

“Free-Range Kids is a Dream Come True for Pedophiles”

Readers — After we questioned the wisdom of a ddffbdfybe TV talk show psychologist who told Boston viewers to only let kids out in “short spurts” and then only once they reach age 11, the aggrieved psychologist posted a link to this blog, which I hadn’t seen before. I’ll give you just a taste: Lenore Skenazy’s […]

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“Why Are You Doing That to Your Child???” (I.e., Making Her Walk)

Hey hfnnberyey Readers — I’m sorry this visitor experienced America as a nation of buttinskis convinced that kids are in constant peril of snatching or (God forbid) fatigue.  Maybe by the time she comes back, the country  will have changed! – L Dear Free-Range Kids: I am Australian and last year I went on a big […]

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Just like kids, snowflakes are beautiful and die really fast.

“Children are Unique, Beautiful and Fragile” — Grrrrrrrrrr

Readers — I got this letter yesterday in my email. Why does it make me SO MAD?   “Children are Unique, Beautiful and Fragile” begins its CRAVEN plea.   I’m losing it! I really feel this is a HORRIBLE thing to say or even IMPLY. I probably sound like I am in FAVOR of child maiming. […]

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Liam Neeson's fictional child was snatched so MINE must be next!

Oh Yes, Mr. Marketer, We are ALL Afraid Our Kids Will Be Snatched

From My Mailbox: Dear Blogger: We’ve all seen or heard of the hit movie “Taken” starring the beloved Liam Neeson, where his daughter is kidnapped upon arrival to Europe without a single trace as to where she might have disappeared. Ever since, this movie has given nightmares to parents and travelers alike who can’t anticipate […]

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Can I hold you this way till you're about 37?

Does More WORRY = More LOVE?

Readers zthazabeab — This is a fantastic essay from Parents, by Kara Corridan, the magazine’s health editor. Read the whole thing here.  – L Worry Doesn’t Equal Love by Kara Corridan Lately I’ve felt as though I’m part of a competition I didn’t enter. It’s called “Who Loves Her Child More?” And I seem to be […]

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Yes, it's empty. I was going to paste in a photo of Maddie McCann, but then I felt like it would only add to the problem of us over-identifying with unlikely tragedies.

The Maddie McCann Story Continues

Readers — The name Maddie McCann may well still resonate for you. She’s the girl who was stolen from her hotel room in Portugal in 2007.  Her parents were eating in a restaurant nearby. When I give my ieifizkiid talks, I often ask my audiences if they can think of ANY other story they’ve heard […]

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