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Come join us!

How to Find Fellow Free-Range Families

. If you look at the tabs at the top of this blog, one says, “Find ssefrbkhdd a Free-Range Friend.” (Online on its own its  freerangefriend.com). It’s a way to find other families near you who also want to give their kids more independence. When my kids were younger, one stumbling block to getting them […]

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Is that little girl at the park ok?

A Cop Sees a Girl Alone at the Park, And Then — a Shock

. A etyyfreifn reader writes: Dear Lenore: My ex father in law is in the hospital. Yesterday we went to a park in Hackensack [NJ] and Elizabeth 6 was having fun and I was cold so I was sitting in the car watching sort of. Elizabeth knew she could come to the car anytime. I […]

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Why are those people following me around Walmart???

A Simple Idea that Can Change All The Grumpy People You Live Around

First, iaybhnysfy get out your hankies. Then, consider what would happen if everyone in town could thank and encourage each other via a public message board. That’s what one anonymous Canadian wondered, and so he or she started a website (and Facebook account) called “Spotted in Windsor,” in Ontario. It was inspired by a similar site […]

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Someday kids will play beyond clip art!!

Start Now! Organize a Weekly “Fun Sports” Day

Readers — Sometimes I can’t believe how hard it is for kids to find anyone to play with outside.  Some days my sports-loving son, now 15, still comes straight home, only because all the other kids were doing that, too. So — here’s sfdnnaznty an alternative you might want to try: Rather than relying on parents to […]

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