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"Hello, officer? I'd like to report some normal human behavior."

“PLAYING DOCTOR” UPDATE: Why I Love Dear Prudence (Emily Yoffe)

. UPDATE! aheyrbeaaa As phenomenal as the advice “Prudence” gives to the neighbor who might report two teens having sex is the final story on the Dear Prudence page, which I originally missed. Here it is. Prudence — Emily Yoffe — wrote it after advising a grown reader that playing doctor as a kid is […]

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Tweens are not like lost luggage.

Dear Prudence Tells a Fearful Parent of a 12 year old to Chill

Let’s szynikyihy hear it for Dear Prudence, the advice lady over at Slate, who was recently sent this letter: Q. Negligence or Get Over It?  Our child recently flew to overnight camp, and we arranged for my in-laws to pick him up from the airport. He is 12 years old and is technically allowed to fly […]

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