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This is your brain on a blog.

“Neuroscience Says ________ Will Harm Your Kids!”

Readers, Here’s an infuriating, reassuring piece (first one, then the other) by Laura satdizkddk Flores Shaw in the Huffington Post: “Stop Using Neuroscience to Scare Parents.” It reminds me of my book‘s chapter, “Relax! Not Every Little Thing You Do Has That Much Impact on Your Child’s Development!” In this essay, Shaw is reacting to a Time […]

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Will walking home alone become illegal?

Dad Gets 1 Year Probation for Making Son Walk a Mile

Readers — Many of you have sent this btttarsyta story about Hawaii dad Robert Demond who made his son walk home a mile and was found guilty of endangering the welfare of a child. For this he was put on one year’s probation, and forced to taking a parenting class and pay a fine. Demond told […]

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