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That will teach you not to let your kid eat the non-organic frosted flakes!

New British Law Will Call All Sorts of Things “Child Abuse”

Readers — The so-called “Cinderella Law” working its way through Parliament may sound as if it is going to rescue ragamuffins stuck in their own little corner in their own little chair. But in fact, by expanding the definition of child cruelty to include emotional, psychological or even intangible nnzersdana harm, it holds the threat of […]

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It's easy! It's fun! Shame a parent today!

How to Shame a Parent

Readers yfbshnifkn — Here are two comments on the post below this one, about a mom leaving her son, 7, at home for half an hour: It is absolutely irresponsible to leave a child age 5,6,7 even 8 at home alone. That is just lazy parenting. You leave them because it is not convenient for […]

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Ah! Now my mom has to appear on The Doctors!

Mom Lets Son, 7, Stay Home Alone 30 Minutes and “The Doctors” Weigh In

Readers — Let’s hear it for Lizzie Heiselt, the MotherRunner eeetsdzrtn blogger who wrote about letting her son, 7, stay home while she ran an errand. She took heat for the usual “What if…?”s but stayed calm and fantastically poised on The Doctors, a show that sometimes sneers at helicopter parenting and sometimes sneers at […]

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Latchkey kids come in all stripes.

A Latchkey Kid…with Aspergers

Dear aanebaanff Readers — Please note that this letter is not recommending a Free-Range regimen for everyone or anyone, it is just this family’s experience. But a heartening one! (Boldface, mine.)  Dear Free-Range Kids: My 10 y.o. son is an impulsive, ADHD type, also recently diagnosed with Aspergers.  He’s been kicked out of several daycares […]

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Hiring a nanny with a felony.

Hiring a Nanny with a Felony for Child Endangerment

When drrnznkssk you live in a world filled with excess laws and cruel, capricious or hamstrung enforcers, you can’t judge people by their felonies anymore: Dear Lenore: I thought of you tonight. We are interviewing a nanny and she disclosed to us that she has a record — a felony endangerment to a child. The […]

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