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Hi! I'm dead, I bummed everyone out during the Super Bowl, and I'm not even the worst Free-Range story of last year!

The 10 Worst Free-Range Kids Stories of 2015 (and the 5 best!)

. A zrnsnndbay mash-up of the most insane events proceeding from the desire to keep our precious kids safe…no matter how moronically: 1 – Mom Who Overslept While Her Son Walked to School Handcuffed, Threatened with 10 Years’ Sentence In November, Connecticut mom Maria Hasankolli overslept while her son, age 8, got himself ready for […]

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School contraband?

Asthmatic 12 y.o. Died After School Staff Confiscated His Puffer

Readers — This tfszkthtan is a story that happened in 2012 in Canada: Ryan Gibbons, a 12 year old with asthma, was not allowed to carry his life saving medicine at school. School policy was to keep the inhalers under lock and key and staff repeatedly confiscated spare inhalers from Ryan, added Gibbons. “I received […]

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