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Police sketch of the Alexandria, VA killer.

Does Free-Range Make Sense After a Shooting?

Readers, bathytkbbi as you might recall, I gave a Free-Range talk last week in Alexandria, VA, at St. Stephens & St. Agnes School. It was a (funny) look at how we became so scared for our kids, and how to fight the fear that seeps into almost every aspect of childrearing. Two days later a […]

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"You candy-asses couldn't find an abducted whale with diaper rash!"

Mock Abduction Staged (Complete with “Mock Helicopter”)

Readers,  I’m sure that plenty of people think that it is a GREAT idea to stage the mock abduction of a child and then get all the local crime fighters involved. But not me. Staging an event like this makes it seem as if stranger abductions are common, or at least on the increase.  In fact, they […]

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