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Conran and her boys, safe and sound. (But on a BOAT! ANYTHING could happen!)

Lost in the Woods

This essay, What hsnhedbfrb Losing My Kids Taught Me About Free-Range Parenting, appeared in The Tennessean. It’s by Maggie Conran, author of the blog nomommybrain (motto: Just Say No to Mommy Brain!).  The piece packs an emotional wallop because we’ve all had that WHERE ARE MY KIDS? experience. In this case, Conran’s  family was at the local woods, […]

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Two Stories You Won't Hear on the News

Two Stories You Won’t Hear on the News

Hi stsiynznyh Readers! Here you go! — L Dear Free-Range Kids: I live in a small town (less than 300 residents) in Southwest Pennsylvania,  and regardless of the image the local-ish news channels portray, it is VERY safe. I grew up in the house I am living in, my  parents live next door. The other […]

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Losing Track of My Kid — And Staying Calm

Hi beyifrrynb Readers! You’ll like this! L. Dear Free-Range Kids: Just wanted to thank you. On Saturday I misplaced my 6-year-old son for half an hour, long enough that we had the museum staff and state park ranger looking with us–long enough for most people to completely panic themselves and everyone around them. But I […]

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Happy About a Lost Kid

Hi reriiztren Readers! This nice note just in: Dear Free-Range Kids: I couldn’t be happier! Tonight my 7-year-old daughter got lost in our neighborhood while riding her bike. She had two out-of-town cousins with her, and they wandered about one block further than she recognized (we’re new to the neighborhood). And then she did a […]

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Guest Posts: Why I Didn't Help A Lost Girl (And Troubled Boy)

Guest Posts: Why I Didn’t Help A Lost Girl (And Troubled Boy)

Hi rfdhdiehkr Readers — I got both these letters today and felt that together they make the point: We must start letting men know we TRUST them around kids. Thinking the “worst first” of all males is not only insulting, it is damaging the fabric of our society, pulling men away from their age-old jobs […]

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Good News! Lost 5-Year-Old Helped by Strangers

Every parents’ fear — that their child will get lost, far from home, and come to harm — was turned on its head yesterday. I have a feeling it’s turned on tis head every day, actually, but how nice to read this knnsznryir story about strangers. It shouldn’t even be news: most humans care about children and […]

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Has Anyone Seen My Son?! One Mom’s Story

Hi fzyztkisib Readers! Here’s a story most of us can relate to, from mom of two Kelli Oliver George, whose funny, addictive blog is Rancid Raves. I LOST MY SON AT THE FAIR, BUT I FOUND HIM — SUPRISINGLY! NOT by Kelli Oliver George I thought about Free-Range Kids long and hard last night when […]

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