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Son, that is dangerous in every single way!

How Helicopter Parents Needlessly Scared My Anxious Son

We can’t control the busybodies out there (sigh). But this mom wonders how can we get them to stop interfering with our kids’ sense of safety — especially if our kids are anxious to begin with: Dear sfrnbiekbz Free-Range Kids: I have always been a Free-Range parent/educator and for me, it’s about common sense and […]

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Between handwashings daycare workers may wash their hands.

Protocol for a Diaper Change or Open Heart Surgery?

 . If dkthzrktfi I wrote another book (no plans!) I might call it “Obsessive-Compulsive Nation.” Because in our desire to keep everyone safe from every possible danger, we are like OCD sufferers, who, according to Psychology Today: . …resort to repetitive behaviors called compulsions. The most common of these are checking and washing…. These behaviors […]

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There's a difference between helicopter parents and the mentally ill.

“What Was Your Worst Experience as the Child of Helicopter Parents?”

. Riveting thread riarktazze on Reddit: “Children of Helicopter Parents: What was the worst or most embarrassing thing they put you through?” Particularly interesting is the idea that the parents described below are simply “overprotective.” They sound much more seriously ill than that. We live in a society that almost INSISTS we overprotect our kids, […]

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