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By my friend and inspiration, UC Berkeley Professor of History professor Paul Fass.

When “Experts” First Started Telling Us How to Parent

. Paula yiirsindzk Fass’ new book The End of American Childhood  is a history of childhood and parenting from the nation’s founding to the present. Fass, a University of California-Berkeley history professor, reveals how our values of independence, self-definition and  success have affected our attitudes toward child rearing. The excerpt below comes from a chapter on […]

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Come back, mommy!

1 in 5 Kids Reported to Child Protective Services

. A ihdazziefs study in England has found that one in five young children is reported to child protective services. One. In. Five. This 45-second audio clip from the BBC’s Today Programme is described thusly: One in five children born between 2009 and 2010 were referred to social services before the age of five because […]

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Lenore speaking in Vienna (in Europe's second largest room!).

Why and When Did We Decide that Every Aspect of Parenting Is Such a Big Deal?

. Oct. 17 and 18 I’ll be speaking at the amazing Battle ekrhszhyza of Ideas in London. The weekend’s wide-ranging topics include “Is Happiness Good for You?” “Can Big Data Save the World?”  and “The Lighter Side of the Dark Net.” (Which I can’t wait to hear!) My session is, “Free-Range Parenting: Reckless or Responsible?” […]

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Hi brain! I'm your mommy! Can I please program you exactly the way I'd like?

We Cannot “Mold” Kids into Exactly Who We Want Them To Be

Readers — I find this little report, “Neuroscience fkhskynzfy Used and Abused in Child Rearing Policy” so interesting, for two reasons. First, by questioning the common wisdom that kids’ brains”irreversibly ‘sculpted’ by parental care” the first three years , it alleviates some of the incredible pressure put on parents to make sure that every single […]

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