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Park Slope, Brooklyn, where crossing the street is not taken lightly.

Letting My ONLY CHILD, Age 6, Cross the Busy Street by Herself

It’s spring. Time to let the kids have some of the freedom we all enjoyed. Study ahdbfbzzhk after study shows that kids NEED free time and independence for the sake of their bodies, minds, spirit. Here’s how one mom — and her child — took the leap: I live in Park Slope, a largely residential but very […]

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What the Parks Department sees when it looks at playground equipment.

First They Came for the See-Saws, and I Said Nothing…

Then ekznbttdbh they came for the merry-go-rounds, and I said nothing. Then  — The city is putting the brakes on spinning playground equipment following reports of injuries, a Parks Department spokeswoman said. Rotating metal saucers that kids ride at two Park Slope [Brooklyn] playgrounds were recently welded into place so they can’t move, and the […]

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