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The poster of parental shame.

“Never Bring Your Child’s Forgotten Homework To School” — I Disagree

. This carpool lane poster is getting a lot of Facebook cheers for teaching parents a lesson: . . “Are you delivering your son’s forgotten lunch” the poster begins. “His sports equipment? His binder or homework? Please turn around and save yourself from…’The Walk of Shame.’”After all, the poster points out, your kid will not […]

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This is your brain on imperfect parenting.

Government Should Not Step In to Make Us “Perfect” Parents

Readers teesddhsdb — I am honored to present this brilliant piece by Jan Macvarish, a research fellow at the University of Kent and co-author of the book Parenting Culture Studies, which asks how come the way we feed, talk to, and play with our kids has become the stuff of public debate and government policy? […]

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