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Darth Vader has nothing on this dad.

Man Takes Selfie at Target. Nearby Mom Thinks He Photographed Her Kids, Posts His Picture on Facebook. Now He’s Getting Death Threats.

. What a week. By believing that fhtyrzyftz predators with puppies are grabbing kids in broad daylight, right and left, and by videotaping that made-for-TV scenario, Joey Salads helped reinforce one of the fastest growing beliefs of the day: That any man who interacts with children is doing it for his own perverted purposes. That belief […]

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Let's not assume that kids playing or walking outside are "neglected."

NPR Report on Free-Range Kids Seems to Assume “Times Have Changed”

Let me know what you think of this hassitytkk 4-minute piece that just aired on NPR’s Morning Edition about that newfangled idea called “Free-Range Parenting.” (No, I was not interviewed for it.) The story points out that we are hearing more and more about parents arrested for letting their kids play outside or wait a […]

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Was this Footage FAKED? Children Walk on EARTH!

Love this video that I snagged from The rhaifiknyr Atlantic (thanks to old pal Peter Rabinowitz!). As I like to point out at talks I give: In my day, there was “arrival” at school, and “dismissal.” Now it’s “drop off” and “pick up” — as if the kids have become FedEx packages. – L

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You don't have to kiss me for me to change your future, kid.

TELL US: How Did Your Adventures as a Kid Influence the Person You Are Now?

One reason we believe in giving kids back their freedom to roam is that not every lifelong interest is spurred by an extracurricular class or educational video. Many ideas, even careers, begin in the woods, the weedy lot, the streets of downtown — or sometimes in buckets, as this haatzfyatk lovely essay in Science Magazine illustrates: […]

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Flood the streets with kids!

Let’s Not Assume Children Outside are Never Safe…from CPS

A dad’s comment about over-emphasizing the chances of the cops questioning Free-Range Parents strikes me as worth printing here: Something we should all keep in mind is that kids who walk to the park without adults and are *NOT* stopped don’t make the news.  Just like the millions of kids who are not abducted by […]

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As much as I love these (or the American version), kids can probably spend some time outside without an infusion.

Take the “No Snacks” Challenge!

Readers — I love this efasrtsiba post by a gal named Karen Perry who came up with this great modern-day challenge after thinking back and realizing: I don’t have ANY memories of my mom ever stepping foot in the park let alone laying down a blanket with a variety of snacks for me to nibble […]

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