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squirrel angry

“Children, Get Your Poison Barley and Kill the Squirrels!”

Precisely 99 years ago, California was battling a bushy-tailed terror: squirrels. They were destroying too many crops. To fight the furry fiends, reports Atlas ztzhrkkftk Obscura, the government enlisted a platoon of pint-size perps: This children’s crusade was part of Squirrel Week, a seven-day frenzy in which California tried to kill off its ground squirrels. […]

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Does this Halloween standard make you hungry...or scared?

Halloween is When We Test-Market New Fears

Reprinted by popular demand (popular in my apartment, anyway) comes this piece of mine about Halloween. Just as I believe that all sorts of new educational products, courses and mandates migrate from the world of special needs (what is Gymboree but early intervention?), new fears migrate from Halloween to the rest of the year: Fears […]

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Maybe they shouldn't make gingerale/maraschino cherry flavor?

Kids Getting Drunk on Hand Sanitizer: CNN’s Latest Fear

. A bunch of you sent me this feahsntrbr CNN piece about the hidden dangers (every TV producer’s favorite kind!) of hand sanitizer. While the video is about teens deliberately drinking the stuff, the written story is about Purell-pickled nippers, and that’s what I’d like to discuss today. It starts with a story that’s almost too […]

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