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Drop-off at an American school. It's only 20 minutes a day! (Well, times two...)

The “Duh!” Way to Get Kids Walking to School

Maybe the answer to, “How can we get kids back to walking to school?” is, “Um…suggest it?” That’s rtyenkftfs what St. Raphael Catholic School in Toronto did. The student-run Heath Action Team pushed for kids at the K-8 school to start walking. They held a why-it’s-good-to-walk assembly, they organized official walk-to-school days on the last Friday […]

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Was this Footage FAKED? Children Walk on EARTH!

Love this video that I snagged from The rhaifiknyr Atlantic (thanks to old pal Peter Rabinowitz!). As I like to point out at talks I give: In my day, there was “arrival” at school, and “dismissal.” Now it’s “drop off” and “pick up” — as if the kids have become FedEx packages. – L

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(YOU try finding a copyright- and controversy-free illustration for “Dirty Old Man.”)

Dealing with a Dirty Old Man

Readers — A 73-year-old Michigan man registered as a sex offender for standing buck naked on his porch as children ride by on the school bus has dbsbkthnba been ordered to move for doing it yet again.  But as Sandy Rozek, aka Shelly Stow, points out at her blog  With Justice For All: If reports […]

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Could Your Town Get Kids Walking to School Like This One Does?

Readers — Enough with the craziness. Let’s leave on a high note with this video, below. And a shout out to my neighbor, Clarence Eckerson, Jr., for making it! Lakewood, renzhianft Ohio: The Suburb Where Everyone Can Walk to School  by Clarence Eckerson, Jr. The inner Cleveland suburb of Lakewood (population 51,000) calls itself a “walking […]

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