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Prepare kids for the world.

A Sensible, Helpful Response to a Tragedy

Readers — This ezkeierrdf mom’s Facebook post about preparing her child for an unlikely but not unthinkable problem — being locked outside in the freezing cold — made sense to me: …Most of us are aware of the tragedy that occurred yesterday in Bemidji, MN where a 6 year old girl died from exposure to […]

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It's 8 degrees and Rudy Hummel is snuggling into bed...outside.

‘Snow Joke! Teen Sleeps Outside, Nightly, in Minnesota!

Readers — Here’s a story from the Star Tribune to warm you heart! Free-Range-wise, one of the things we like to remind folks is that THIS generation of kids is not suddenly the most delicate in history! They come fully equipped to handle the same challenges kids did for generations. (Though personally I am a […]

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