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School District’s 800 Security Cameras Not Enough, Says Expert

  Readers rftzbzzezy — Here’s a note to us about excessive  school security: Dear Free-Range Kids: A local retired police office has written a book on how he thinks schools should prevent mass shootings. Tucson News Now Of course the author includes a chapter on what he feels schools should be doing to prevent mass shootings. […]

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Why is school pick-up treated like a maximum security prison exercise?

“Pick-Up” Insanity at an Ordinary Suburban School

Today’s zhznyryrnb post comes to us from Reilly Capps, a writer in Denver finishing a book about couch surfing, which, he notes, “involves lots of trusting complete strangers.” Trust is not this school’s forte. — L. Dear Free-Range Kids: I’m not a parent, only an uncle, but today a question presented itself at my niece’s new […]

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