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Can you please help me cross the street?

How I Taught My Children to Talk to Strangers

Sydney riehtayffa Gurewitz Clemens is an author and educator. Her business card says “Helping Adults Help Children.” Her latest book and other writings are here. I love what she says about kids and strangers. Dear Free-Range Kids: I want to tell you about how I taught my son and my daughter to talk to strangers: When […]

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People who meet and talk to people are the happiest people in the world. Or at least on Chicago transit.

Don’t Be a Stranger

Readers byrhyfebiz —  Here’s hoping this piece from yesterday’s New York Times starts  a trend: Talk to the stranger next to you and have a nice day. Really — you WILL have a nicer day: Hello, Stranger By ELIZABETH DUNN and MICHAEL NORTON If you’ve ever been on a subway or public bus, you know the rules. Don’t […]

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