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“Tonight You Are Going into the Supermarket without An Adult”

Drew Perkins is a thought leader in the world of education. He’s also the dad of two girls, 12 and 14. After I was on his TeachThought podcast discussing The Let Grow Project (a “homework assignment” where students have to go home and do something new, on their own, preferably outside the house), he got really excited about doing it  with his own kids.

And what they had never done was go to the supermarket, together, without a parent.

Last week’s simple Kroger run shifted the family dynamics. I just saw a tweet from Drew saying now his younger daughter — who has generalized anxiety — just went back to shop by HERSELF, with a list, so she could get the ingredients to MAKE DINNER. Suddenly, she’s all about taking charge!

My Q&A with Drew is at Let Grow. Click here to read it. And my true belief is this:

Kids are like fireworks — a small container crammed with potential. But it requires a spark before it shoots off and dazzles us all.

Independence — an adult believing in them and trusting them to do something on their own — IS that spark.

Congratulations to the Perkins girls — and their dad.

One Response to “Tonight You Are Going into the Supermarket without An Adult”

  1. Fanny Sung July 27, 2021 at 2:09 pm #

    When I was 7 years old in 1989, my mother sent me into Kroger with $2 in hand to buy a chicken. I had no idea how to choose a chicken, where they were located in the store, how to pay, etc. She made me do it anyway, while she sat in the car in front of the store. I remember being terrified, tiny 7-year-old me, going into a big grocery store by myself. If someone tried to do that for their kid in this day and age? Immediate arrest for neglect, I’m sure of it. I am so grateful for that experience, as it was the start of building my confidence and independence. I attribute that day and other experiences my parents made me have to why I am as strong and independent as I am today.